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Basic Statistics Excel Template Available for Download

Basic Statistics Excel Template

Folks , here is the fourth posting of the repost (with permission from Dean Christolear, of course). From, here is the description of the Basic Statistics Excel Template.

This tool is a great start for college or university students studying statistics, or even for advanced high school students with a penchant for the sciences. So don\’t think that this basic statistics excel template isn\’t for you if you\’re not a six sigma blackbelt or otherwise.

This might also be the ideal tool for you if you don\’t have a purchased copy of the world\’s most revered statistics tool, Minitab.

This high-quality spreadsheet allows you to quickly calculate summary statistics for any data set with up to 1500 data points. No more calculators! Everything is much more user friendly for the beginner and includes a run chart and histogram of the data. Once you start using this spread sheet you\’ll never use the Data Analysis Tool Pack in Excel again!

Features Include:

  1. Mean

  2. Standard Error about the mean

  3. Median

  4. Mode

  5. Standard Deviation of the Population

  6. Standard Deviation of the Sample

  7. Population Variance

  8. Sample Variance

  9. Kurtosis

  10. Skewness

  11. Range

  12. Minimum

  13. Maximum

  14. Sum

  15. Count

  16. Kth Largest Value

  17. Kth Smallest Value

  18. Upper and Lower Confidence Level

  19. Histogram

  20. Run Chart

Basic Statistics Excel Template

Basic Statistics Excel Template

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