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Six Sigma Audit Checklist – Excel Download

Six Sigma Audit Checklist

Six Sigma is about data. Nothing new about that. One of the challenges I always come across is when I come across bad data. Many people think that collecting data for a rainy day is a good thing. Then they bring out their data, which often is meaningless and incorrect.

I cannot emphasize the importance of preparing an MSA (Measurement System Analysis) beforehand. One of my favorite tools is the Six Sigma Audit Checklist. I use it as a checklist to record measurements, tolerances, and other details. I even use it as a basis to completing a preliminary FMEA or Control Plan (some of you may refer to the Control Plan as the Preventive Maintenance Plan, but that\’s fine).

Download the Six Sigma Function Audit – there\’s a photocopier case example that you can use [Download not found]

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