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Six Sigma Design Concepts Matrix Tool – Excel Download

Six Sigma Design Concepts

Before we talk about Six Sigma design concepts, here\’s the latest update. I\’ve been asked lately about how to download the files. At the bottom of every post, there should be a blue link, just click it and download from there.

Six Sigma Design Concepts Matrix

The Six Sigma Design Concepts Matrix tool is useful for prioritizing some key design features once the product features have been defined. The process flow goes like this:

  1. Identify goals for the project – what will the key features translate into in terms of design requirements

  2. It is important that the design team develops these concepts

  3. Each concept is rated (just follow the instructions in the template – it is automated)

  4. Strengths and weaknesses are also mapped out

  5. Actions are defined and assigned [Download not found]

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