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Six Sigma Quality Function Deployment – House of Quality

Quality Function Deployment – House of Quality – Excel Download

Great Design For Six Sigma (DFSS), the Quality Function Deployment (QFD) techniques and the houses of quality to drive product requirements from Customers’ critical to satisfaction (CTS) to the engineering designers critical Failure Mode Effect Analysis (FMEA).

What is Quality Function Deployment?

  1. QFD is a process for focusing the entire new product development team on the customer wants and needs throughout all stages of the New Product Development process

  2. QFD is a visual format for linking all R&D, engineering, and manufacturing efforts to the Voice of the Customer (VOC)

  3. QFD provides a documented “Line-of-Sight” from VOC to Voice of the Process (VOP)

The main benefits of implementing a Quality Function Deployment (QFD) approach is that the overall process helps your design team focus on improving customer focus in a measurable and quantifiable way

  1. Focuses everyone in the project team on the customer needs rather than internal turf requirements

  2. Reduces product development cycle time

  3. Provides a better understanding of customer requirements

  4. Minimizes design & development errors

  5. Improves cross-functional communication

  6. Improves teamwork

  7. Creates a global view for all

  8. Graphically clarifies objectives, interactions, and tasks

  9. Provides documentation

  10. Output is equivalent to many pages of written documentation

  11. Excellent documentation on decisions made in early stages of design

  12. Documented flow-down of requirements and flow-up of capabilities

The House of Quality (HOQ) Rooms

  1. Identify Customer Expectations

  2. Competitive Comparison of Customer Ratings

  3. Characteristics/Measures

  4. Correlations

  5. Calculated Importance

  6. Competitive Benchmarks

  7. Target Limits

  8. Measurement Conflicts


  1. QFD technique translates “Fuzzy” customer needs to CTS’s – HOQ #1

  2. QFD technique translates Critical to Satisfaction (CTS) to Functional Requirements (FR’s) – HOQ #2

  3. QFD technique translates FR’s to Design Parameters (DP’s) – HOQ #2

  4. QFD technique translates DP’s to Critical mfg Process Variables (CTP’s) – HOQ #4

Download the [Download not found]

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