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Six Sigma SIPOC – Supplier Input Process Output Customer – Excel Download


The SIPOC is one of the most important process mapping tool in the Six Sigma tool box. SIPOC is an acronym for Supplier Input Process Output Customer and is one of the first process mapping tools to be used prior to completing a C&E matrix or Value Stream Map.

How to complete a SIPOC

The SIPOC is best completed with the entire team and ensures that everyone involved understands the concept of internal and external customer as well as the key hand-off points in the process before beginning more detailed process mapping.

The SIPOC identifies

  1. Major tasks and activities

  2. The boundaries of the process

  3. The process outputs

  4. Who receives the outputs (the customers)

  5. What the customer requires of the outputs

  6. The process inputs

  7. Who supplies the inputs (suppliers)

  8. What the process requires of the inputs

  9. The best metrics to measure

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