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SPC (Statistical Process Control) Excel Template – 3 Factor DOE

SPC (Statistical Process Control) Excel Template – 3 Factor DOE

Folks, as promised from yesterday\’s blog post, here is a 3 factor DOE Excel Template for you to use.

Credit must be given to Dean Christolear over at, who granted us permission to use the templates.

This spreadsheet allows the user to perform a complete 3 factor, full factorial Design of Experiments (DOE). DOE can be used to identify what inputs in your process are effecting variation in your products. Stop guessing! Most people experiment by changing one factor at a time, however, this practice is costly, time consuming and fails to identify interactions. DOE can be used to find the correct settings to maximize process yields, minimize scrap or correctly target your process. DOE can also be used in design by generating a predictive mathematical equation. After completing the DOE, what-if settings of the input factors can be evaluated using the spinner buttons.

  1. Up to three input factors can be studied

  2. The process average can be analyzed to maximize, minimize or optimize your process

  3. The standard deviation can be analyzed to find settings that reduce variation and improve process capability.

  4. Main Effect and Interaction charts are generated to easily identify important factors

  5. The Analysis of Variance table tells you which input factors are significant.

  6. Repeated or Replicated values can now be used.

  7. A 3D scatter plot is generated that can be rotated in three axes.

  8. What-if analysis

3 factor doe excel template for spc

Download link [Download not found]

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